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Food truck wedding reception at Lauxmont Farms, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania.
Food Truck Wedding Receptions

Our food truck catering package is popular for a couple of reasons: because it is self-sufficient, it’s a good option for outdoor events; and it provides an affordable way to offer diverse menus to guests!

Check out how two couples used this package for their wedding reception.

An Elegant Wedding Reception​

Katelyn and Nick had their wedding and reception at their family farm. They chose our self-sufficient food truck because it offered an easy way to serve appetizers and dinner for 165 guests.

For appetizers, we passed around assorted mini turnovers: beef & cheese empanadas, chicken empanadas, and vegan sanbusa.

Dinner was served from the food truck. Guests got to choose one of three options:

  • Central African: a rich peanut stew on Jollof rice with a side of Congolese kale
  • Jamaican: jerk chicken on Jamaican rice and beans with a side of braised cabbage
  • Puerto Rican: Pernil (savory roast pork) on Yellow rice with pigeon peas, with a side of sweet plantain

There were hearty meat options, as well as vegan and gluten-free options. Flavors ranged from familiar and comforting, to bold and exciting.

A Selection Of International Menus!​

Victoria and Nicky wanted an affordable way to offer their guests a wide range of menu options. They definitely wanted to include Asian menu items to reflect Nicky’s heritage. They also wanted vegan and gluten-free options for guests with dietary restrictions.

So they chose our Food Truck Catering Package, which allowed them to offer three different meal choices to their guests.

Here is their selection:

  • Japanese Yaki Udon with Chicken
  • Puerto Rican Pernil (roast pork) with Yellow Rice (gluten-free)
  • Thai Vegetable Fried Rice with Sweet Chili Tofu (vegan and gluten-free)

Each guest was able to choose the entree they wanted.


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