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An Unusually Useful Service Package: Catering & Photography

When we mention Upohar’s partnership with an Emerald Stone Photography, we sometimes get a puzzled look. Food and beverage makes sense. But food and photography? 

Although it may seem like an odd combination,  it actually makes quite a useful package. Upohar’s distinctive menus and Emerald Stone’s refreshing photography creates a rich experience both during and long after the event.

Having catered several fundraising galas and community events this year, we decided to create this unusual package with organizations and event planners in mind.

These large events are special to both the organizer and the attendees, and both groups want a way to capture and remember their experience.

For organizations hosting these galas and community events, the photos (and videos) of the event are incredibly useful:

  • Event Recap — to share the highlights with all the attendees, and thank donors for their support.
  • Ongoing communication — to highlight the work of the organization in emails, newsletters and social media throughout the year.
  • Save the Date — to use in announcements about and invitations to future events.

We chose to partner with Emerald Stone to capture these memorable moments because we love their beautiful compositions and their candid shots. Check out the video above for some of their work.

Like Upohar, they offer a range of service packages to accommodate different needs and budgets, and offer consultations and guidance.

Since we work well together, we decided to team up to offer a steamlined package for our clients.

If that’s you, contact us! If you don’t need the package, just catering or just photography, that’s fine too. Here’s how to reach us:

We look forward to hearing from you!


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